CND Brisa Lite UV Gel
Easy on. Easy off. Exeptional wear and NO Filling of the natural nail.

Removable Sculpting Gel - Creates natural, durable enhancements, the first ever truly sculptable and removable gel for shape and length. Perfect for most nail types
Tip & Overlay:
Natural Nail Overlay:
Maintenance (includes 2 repairs)
2/3 weeks:
3/4 weeks:
Before new Enhancements:
Plus Mini Manicure:
Repairs (per nail)
During maintenance:
Single nail repair:
Removable Smoothing Gel - Gives thin, weak nails a little extra strength and protection, also gives ridgy nails a perfect smooth surface. Can be worn au naturel, or as the perfect power partner to Shellac
Natural Nail Overlay:
Natural Nail Overlay with Shellac:
Removal plus Mini Manicure:
* Free removal with re-application of Smoothing Gel